Clinical Sleep Solutions has been working hard to reevaluate our protocols to ensure the safety of our staff and our valued customers as we enter this post-COVID period. It is still and will always be our top priority to reduce the risk and spread of this highly communicable virus. As we prepare our offices with safety barriers and equip our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE), we are ensuring your safety by providing services that are inclusive but go beyond the guidelines and recommendations recommended by the Centre for Disease Control, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Canadian Thoracic Society, and World Health Organization. Listed below are changes that are being implemented immediately regarding our testing and treatment protocols:

Home Sleep Apnea Testing COVID-19 Enhancement Protocols

  • Devices returned to the clinic are quarantined for no less than 3 days prior to reprocessing.
  • All disposable components are discarded and replaced such as nasal cannulas and effort belts.
  • All disposable cannulas used for testing have a bacterial/viral filter.
  • All non-disposable components are subjected to further disinfection through the use of Antiviral and Antibacterial solutions, Ozone, and UV Light.
  • Level-3 Home Sleep Apnea Test will be provided to patients through a non-contact process to adhere to the social distancing initiative when possible.
  • Appointments will be conducted by one of our therapists through a secure TeleHealth Portal when possible.


CPAP / BiPAP Therapy Trial: COVID-19 Enhancement Protocols

  • Only new CPAP machines, masks, and accessories will be used for patients who are undergoing a trial for CPAP or BiPAP therapy.