CPAP Therapy

In the 20 years since the discovery of light therapy, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the validity of light therapy for the treatment of circadian rhythm disorders.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders & Light Therapy

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Some sleep disorders are caused by circadian rhythm disorders, which are disruptions in a person’s “internal body clock” that regulates the 24-hour cycle of biological processes. Exposure to bright light help set or reset the internal clock; however, our hectic and varied lifestyles may deprive us of this light and cause circadian rhythm disorder which disrupts our sleep.

Even when we do have a break from work or school, we tend to spend most of our time off relaxing indoors. When we do spend time outside, we are usually covered up with clothes, sunglasses and sun block, preventing us from benefiting from the sun’s rays. We are susceptible to circadian rhythm disorders all the time.

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Light Therapy

Light Therapy is a positive healthy treatment for circadian rhythm disorders. The goal of light therapy is to treat patients who have circadian rhythm problems by properly setting their internal clock. This will allow them to enjoy the benefits of good sleep patterns which results in a perception of a good night’s sleep. Light therapy exposes your eyes and body to intense but safe amounts of artificial light. Exposure at specific and regular amounts of time is designed to set a person’s body clock in much the same way as sunlight does. Contact us today to learn more about Light therapy solutions.