Philips Respironics Shielded DC 12-Volt Power Cord


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Cord Polarity: The connector end of the cord is constructed so that the outside of the barrel is ground, and the inside of the barrel is positive. The cigarette adapter end of the cord is constructed so that the center pin is positive and the outside tab is ground.

Cord Length: Six Feet (1.83 m)

Battery: 12 VDC

Power Consumption: Actual power consumption will vary according to prescription pressures and breathing patterns. The lower the prescription, the less power that is required. WARNING: When the DC Cord is used with REMstar Systems, it can only be used for prescription pressures of 11 cm H2O or less. Any attempts to use the DC Cord with the REMstar for pressures greater than 11 cm H2O will result in inadequate pressures being delivered.

Fuse Replacement: CAUTION Use only Respironics 7 amp, 5 amp, or 3 amp DC Cord Fuses.

(connects CPAP to cigarette lighter socket)


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