Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Solutions for Symptom Relief

Sleep Apnea Solutions for Symptom Relief

Sleep Apnea Solutions such as the CPAP Machine, is one of many therapy options available to you

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Thankfully, sleep apnea sufferers have a range of solutions to choose from, including lifestyle changes, surgery and most often, CPAP therapy.

Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, changing sleeping positions and avoiding sleeping on your back can help reduce sleep apnea occurrences. In addition, drastically reducing or outright stopping the consumption of alcohol and/or sleeping aids, and smoking, can aid in the treatment of sleep apnea for some patients that have a less severe sleep apnea diagnosis.

Surgery is another option, but it is invasive and requires weeks of recovery time. Procedures to fix a deviated septum, removing soft tissue at the back of the throat to open up airways and other surgeries to prevent obstructions are all possible sleep apnea solutions. It’s worth noting that these options often come with the usual risks associated with all surgical procedures and are not guaranteed to succeed. Only a doctor can assess whether a surgical solution to sleep apnea is the right option for you.

There is also the use of dental devices and face straps that have helped some patients. Oral appliances are expensive and should only be done by a professional doctor of dentistry that specializes in sleep therapy devices. Oral appliances may or may not work for some severe apnea patients, and it’s best to consult with your family doctor before making a decision. However, when it comes to symptom relief, and a high therapy compliance rate, a CPAP machine is the best sleep apnea solution for the majority of sufferers.

The CPAP Machine as a Sleep Apnea Solution

The most common sleep apnea solution is the CPAP machine. This quiet and compact machine, with a mask that fits over the user’s airways, runs throughout the night. A ventilator pumps in a soft flow of low air pressure in order to keep the airways open during sleep. This allows normal breathing to continue and helps the user maintain a regular sleep pattern.

Why Pursue Sleep Apnea Solutions In the First Place?

A common myth is that treating sleep apnea is all about reducing snoring for those around you. However, treating the condition can:

  • Improve heart function
  • Reduce hypertensive risk
  • Improve alertness, as you will finally be getting a good night’s sleep

People diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea are also more likely to suffer from psychological conditions such as depression, memory loss and anxiety. By treating sleep apnea, you can help prevent these disorders from taking hold.

Finding the Right Sleep Apnea Solution

It is advised that you discuss your sleep apnea with your doctor before deciding on one solution or another. If you haven’t talked to a health care professional yet, then contact your local GP, or if you are still at a loss, please contact us.

After you have received your doctor’s recommendations, come and see us so we can determine which CPAP machine is right for you, and assist you with your ongoing therapy.

We have seven fully staffed neighbourhood locations across Vancouver and the lower mainland to serve you better. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm five days a week and Saturdays at our Vancouver location as well. After hours appointments are available upon request.

Our commitment to your ongoing care is why Clinical Sleep Solutions is Canada’s trusted provider of CPAP therapy and equipment. We stock a range of machines and support products designed to treat sleep apnea.

In addition to our seven locations in the Vancouver the lower mainland, we also offer free shipping across Canada.