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Snoring and Sleep Apnea


One-third of older adults snore. It is more frequent in males and overweight persons and can worsen with age.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is the noise generated when airflow is obstructed at the back of the mouth and nose during sleep. These muscles can become too relaxed during sleep, and the tongue falls backwards into the airway. The tongue and upper throat meet and as we breathe, these structures vibrate and create the various symphonies of snoring sounds we are accustomed to. There are many causes of snoring including:

  • Poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat.
  • Obstructed nasal airways
  • Sinus congestion from illness or allergies
  • Nasal deformities, such as a deviated septum
  • Obesity
  • Excessive bulkiness of throat tissue.
  • Effects of alcohol or smoking

We may not take snoring seriously; however, it is a good indicator that a sleep disorder may be present. Snoring can disrupt sleeping patterns of the person and those around them. Poor sleep can lead to daytime fatigue, irritability and increased health problems. In fact, research has shown that snoring is a risk factor to hypertension or high blood pressure. For those who suffer from mild snoring, there are several simple therapies:

  • Sleep on your side instead of your back
  • Refrain from eating meals right before bedtime
  • Do not ingest alcohol, sleeping pills, or other relaxants right before bedtime
  • Establish regular sleeping patterns
  • Tilt the head of your bed upwards four inches

Severe snoring can be a symptom of Obstructive sleep apnea. A person with obstructive sleep apnea will not get a good night’s rest, and they usually suffer from lack of energy and mental alertness the following day. Not all snoring means you have sleep apnea, but the louder you snore, the greater your risk. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is serious so talk to your doctor about how you can be tested.

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